|Linux| introduce rootfs

This is a note of COSCUP.
In this talk, I learn many knowledge from system scope and find something I should study in advance.
In fact, I am an embedded software engineer and I am not a system engineer yet.
But I believe I will be.
This topic will make up my shortage.

Source: author: Carl Su

|Events| COSCUP 2020

I have not attended COSCUP for four years.
This year, I focus on the topics of ArchLinux and 5G.
My purpose is to combine the linux system and the softwrae services of 5G,
therefore, I should understand the knowledge of file system -> LXC -> Virtualize Network.

5分鐘快速安裝一份Arch Linux
rootfs 淺談 (important!)
ArchLinux installation workshop
Archers 交流座談會

|OOP| Learn “Factory Pattern” from Android Telephony

Factory pattern is a basic pattern in grant software framework.
We create object, parent, with common interface to create new type of object.
The common interface is a static member-function (static factory method) which creates & returns instances, hiding the details of children.

The following will show a snappiest code of Android Q.