|Life| DO, then EXTRACT

I like the ways this guy thinks.

習慣的思考模式是演繹 -> 歸納 -> 演繹 -> 歸納(簡稱為演繹 -> 歸納螺旋丸),不斷迂迴深入直到想出解法。

I like to do it first, analyze, and keep doing ……

In the beginning, I study from questions which designed by LeetCode.
Until solving 100 problems, I know some patterns.
I turned back to summarize those problems.
Then I keep doing ……


|Français| Le Point – Qui dominera le monde ?

Qui dominera le monde ?
– dominer (v. 1.) dominer [= dominate]

La pandémie bouscule la hiérarchie des puissances entre l’Amérique, l’Asie et l’Europe.
 – bouscule (v. 1.) bousculer [= shove]
 – puissances [= powers]

Le monde qui émerge est multipolaire, dangereux et instable.
– multipolaire (adj)
= characterized by more than two centers of power or interest a multipolar world.

Aperçu des nouveaux rapports de force.
– Aperçu (v. 3.) apercevoir
– rapports [= reports]