|tools| Gitlab CICD pipline

I want to construct a pipeline to
– autobuild
– auto flash images
– auto test

Gitlab can do it well.
the following is my notes for building the pipeline.

Step 1. Setting gitlab
Most of this step is refering from

Download from
I use gitlab-ee_12.10.14-ee.0_amd64.deb
 OS: Ubuntu 20.04
 Constraint by libc version, I can’t use upper than version 12.

Install steps by step as official web’s said.

Step 2. Configurate Gitlab
$ gitlab-ctl reconfigure

Open /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and modify external_url
 external_url ’http://localhost:8088’

Step 3. Initialize your project
You can import from github or build a new one by yourself.

Step 4. Configure runner

Go to Settings > CI/CD and expand the Runners section.
Note the URL and token.
Register the runner

– Modify gitlab runner

 concurrent = 1
 check_interval = 0

 name = “ci”
 url = “http://*** ”  <– write the URL in Runners section
 token = “????” <– write the token in Runners section
 executor = “shell” <– I want to use shell to my CI/CD
 builds_dir = “/mdata/builds”
 output_limit = 8192 <– allowed build time

$ gitlab-runner restart

Step 5. Set up CI/CD pipeline
Write your pipeline in

Step 6. Customize my test script.
I want to use “shell” to execute all tests automatic.
/*to be contibued*/

Note commands of runner:
– for debug
 sudo gitlab-runner –debug run
– reconfigure
 sudo gitlab-runner run –config /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml
– login as gitlab-runner
 sudo su gitlab-runner && cd ~