|Events| COSCUP 2020

I have not attended COSCUP for four years.
This year, I focus on the topics of ArchLinux and 5G.
My purpose is to combine the linux system and the softwrae services of 5G,
therefore, I should understand the knowledge of file system -> LXC -> Virtualize Network.

5分鐘快速安裝一份Arch Linux
rootfs 淺談 (important!)
ArchLinux installation workshop
Archers 交流座談會

Edgecore Networks 鈺登科技如何參與及貢獻開源社群

Panel Discussion – 網通開源大小事 (this topic make me consider to join QCT XD)
free5GC: free the cellular core networks (introduce the history of cellular networks and explain why 5G is different from 4G)

I want, but I don’t have time.
Introduction to BPF Performance Tools
Linux Integrity Mechanisms – protecting container runtime security as an example
以 Linux XDP 為基礎的高效率網路負載平衡器
在AOSP 9.0上實現Device Tree Overlay
A Journey to Boot Linux on Raspberry Pi