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This article notes my Engoo courses.

  • April. 14. 2020: Topics: policy
    e.g., do you agree the government restricts people’s freedom for reducing disease spread? Do you agree to set “curfew” for children?

    – Is the restriction of movement during the pandemic effective in slowing the infection?
    – The question is motivated by the current controversial discussion of people that went sightseeing in Taiwan.
    – Some people feel that these people will cause widespread of the virus. I also fear that they will escalate the current situation.
    – However, I don’t agree with the government restricting people’s movement.
    – I don’t support the idea of the government restricting movement because it limits people’s freedom.
    – I want to take into consideration the legalities of restricting freedom of movement.
    – Non-essential movement should be illegal.
    – The government needs to find a law to convince people that the restriction is legal.