|Jobs| Why should we do unit tests?

In my opinions, I think it is a good way to understand the job scope for a rookie of software engineer.

On the other hand, our products are consumer electronics. Unit tests will help us understand what functions are end users used and whether functions are really useful or not.

Finally, it is an important way to think about why do you develop the features.

下禮拜打算請新人幫忙測試 Unit Tests, 希望他心裡不要太多 murmur.
雖然代工廠不重視這個, 但我認為這是一個認識自己工作的方式. 而且趁機多問一些, 還能夠學到一些設計的方法與考量.

嗯 …… 老實說, 代工廠跟自己做品牌其實思維真的很不同.